Tips and Pointer for Arab Entrepreneurs

Tips and Pointer for Arab Entrepreneurs

On: 2012-08-06 10:08:23 | Guest: Janice Fraser

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Basil: So in closing we have one more last question. What general kinds of
advice would you like to give out to the audience of entrepreneurs in the
Middle East?

Janice: Oh, for entrepreneurs in the Middle East, I want to say, have a lot
of courage, belief in your product and be open to being wrong many times."
So we have a saying. We say, "strong decisions lightly held." What that
means is that we act with confidence, and then we look for evidence of
whether we're on the right track. And if were not on the right track, we
throw that out and we find a new one. So strong decisions lightly held.

Basil: Can we have the honor of having you again to highlight those units
in a series of interviews?

Janice: I would love to come back and talk to you some more.

Basil: Janice, thank you so much for being with us today. It was a great

Janice: It's my pleasure, as well. Thank you so much.

Basil: Thank you.

About the Guest:

Janice Fraser is an entrepreneur, designer, and a coach/advisor to early stage companies.

Janice founded both successful and failed startups and she is as proud of her success as her failure.

Janice is the founder and CEO of LUXr, a design coaching and mentorship program for lean startups. Prior to LUXr, Janice founded and served as the CEO of Adaptive Path, an experience design firm.

Janice is a guest lecturer at various universities and management schools, such as Stanford,Haas, and Northwestern.

Janice specializes in interaction design for web and mobile products and she enjoys being around entrepreneurs.

Comment on the Interview:

Tips and Pointer for Arab Entrepreneurs

Janice will share some great pointers and tips to entrepreneurs in the Arab world.

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