Tech Crunch Disrupt New York 2012 Coverage

Tech Crunch Disrupt New York 2012 Coverage

On: 2012-08-30 17:15:15 | Guest: Tech Crunch

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About the Guest:

Interview Segments:

What is DryBath

The Creation Process of DryBath

Why Ludwick Marishane Registered DryBath as a Patent at an Early Stage

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Skills That Every Entrepreneur Should Have in Order to Succeed

Marketing Plan For DryBath

Leveraging the Web and Mobile to Reach out to Wider Markets

Tips and Pointers for Young Entrepreneurs From Ludwick Marishane

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Tech Crunch Disrupt New York 2012 Coverage

Basel Kilany from covering the TechCrunch Disrupt NewYork 2012 event.

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